Tommy Ryan

Name : Tommy Ryan

Grade : 1st Dan

Time doing Judo : 13 years

Assistant coach lvl 1 coaching pass.


I started judo when I was just 7 years old. I got into judo through my friends, who all came round to my house and invited to come and try judo at Warrington Warjukwai Judo club. Funnily enough my first coaches are the people I stand beside today, Dave and Graham. Through my years of training in judo I have also competed in many competitions, winning many medals.


As well as entering competitions, I have also had the privilege of becoming a judo referee. I got into refereeing through Graham when I was aged 11, when he took to me a young referees course, I then started working my way up from a young silver grade referee to a young gold referee to where I am now as a national ‘c’ referee. One of my best moments as a referee was when I was nominated for the young referee of the year award.